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I have been a successful Corporate professional with over 25 years of Marketing and Communications experience.  I started my journey of self-discovery in 2018, as I felt something was missing in my life and could not understand why. 

I uncovered several limiting beliefs I have carried throughout my life, programmed at an early age through my upbringing, society, and religion.  Once I let go of the belief systems holding me back, I felt awake, more empowered, and in control of my life.  Each day is a gift, and every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.


I have developed more spiritually and have a deeper connection to what's important in my life.  The personal growth that I have experienced over the recent years encourages me to continue on my path and help support others looking for more but unsure of how to get there.


I have been on an exploration of my Human Design since early 2022, learning more about myself each day.  Discovering that I'm a Projector, I now know the gifts I bring to the world and understand the difficulties I might face in my journey.  While historically, I would have been angry and frustrated by the challenges, I now embrace them and see the beauty and the gift they are to me.  As a Human Design Consultant, I aim to guide and support others who wish to uncover the person they were born to be and shine in the process.  

I believe in magic and possibilities and that everyone has inate gifts to live their best, most fulfilling life; sometimes, it just takes a little extra support to get there. 


I have learned to SHINE, and you can too.


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