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Human Design forTeams

Corporate America has long perpetuated the notion that productivity hinges on uniformity, treating all individuals as workhorses expected to grind out eight-hour days.


However, this approach overlooks the fundamental truth that each person operates uniquely, akin to different Human Design types. By embracing this diversity and understanding our individual designs, teams can unlock unprecedented productivity levels while honoring authenticity.


We are intricately crafted with distinct gifts and perspectives that enrich our collective endeavors. When we align with our true nature and follow our internal guidance systems, we reaffirm our identity and enhance our decision-making capabilities.


Human Design serves as a guiding compass in this journey, illuminating how our differences can synergize for optimal team dynamics. It's a transformative tool that fosters deep understanding and unleashes untapped potential. This transformative power of Human Design instills hope and op, paving the way for heightened collaboration and productivity in the workplace.

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What you'll receive

  • Introduction to Human Design

  • Body Graph for each participant

  • Lesson on Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Centers

  • Discount to purchase an individual Human Design session (1.5 hours)

  • Master document that includes everyone's Type, Strategy, and Authority

  • Document that highlights areas that drive optimal performance across the team

Human Design provides insights into individual strengths, decision-making processes, and preferred working styles, fostering a more harmonious and productive team environment.


It promotes self-awareness and empathy among team members, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts.  
By understanding each team member's unique Human Design type and strategy, teams can enhance communication and collaboration.


Moreover, Human Design not only encourages but also equips teams to effectively leverage each member's natural talents and energies, leading to improved efficiency and creativity in problem-solving. 


Ultimately, integrating Human Design into team dynamics supports a deeper appreciation for diversity and encourages a balanced approach to achieving collective goals.

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