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Hear what Others are Saying


Chelsea M.

I started working with Corri as I struggled in my job search, but it turned into so much more. We uncovered part of my hang-up, through our conversations, were due to deeply rooted lies I had believed about myself and needed to work through first. With Corri’s help, not only was I able to isolate and work through the thoughts holding me back, but I also landed a job at an amazing company that I’m so excited about! I’m so thankful for her and the impact she has made on my life.


Jia B.

I have worked with Corri for years and she's not afraid to ask the tough questions to identify the root of what’s holding us back from achieving our true potential and life goals.


Feeling challenged and fulfilled in my daily work has always been important to me. Through years of leadership, Corri taught me to anchor myself in personal truths to find fulfillment, no matter the external factors at play. She provided tools and wisdom so that I asked the right questions in tough situations, practiced self-awareness, and always put my true desires in career and life above all else.


As a first-generation immigrant woman working in a corporate setting, Corri’s leadership helped me grow into a confident professional who seeks to uplift others like me and find happiness in life.


Juli M.

Working with Corri on my transformation has provided me with an invaluable source of impartial and insightful feedback about the process. In the short time we've worked together, she has held me accountable to my goals and helped me step out of my comfort zone, all the while making sure I was giving myself grace as I stepped forward.

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