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You are likely here because you are ready for something different in your life.  Maybe you have struggled with a job, or a relationship, or looking for a bigger purpose.  Are you unsure how to uncover your life's purpose and become your best self, to live the life of joy you've always dreamed of?   I'm here to help! 


I'm an Intuitive Life Coach and Human Design Consultant.  I leverage spirituality,  high-vibration work, and the Human Design Body Graph to uncover beliefs and self-images that have driven specific life choices and behaviors. I focus on ways to shift thinking that lead to increased fulfillment and success for the individual. I'll incorporate the information from your Human Design Body graph into our sessions to help you understand more about yourself and your highest potential.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-actualization? Come with an open mind, and an open heart, and be prepared to ask yourself some tough questions. 

I commit to you to be present, to be kind, honest, and direct. Most importantly, I am there to support you on this quest of self-discovery and transformation and ultimately help you become the person you want and are meant to be.

It's time to Shine!


My Services


Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations is often the biggest obstacle standing between you and the realization of your full potential.

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